Significance of balanced diet for livestock

Carrying a high potentiality to produce milk, Dairy Cows require an extensive nutrient profile to meet their optimal milk production potential. These livestock animals must have a balanced diet and fulfill their daily supply of essential nutrients. These nutrients help in fostering the animals' well-being, production, growth, and maintenance. Although the deficiency of any nutrient can affect the milk yield of Dairy Cows, the key nutrient that when lacking in the optimum quantity often impacts the milk yield is protein.

The significant elements of Feed include :-
∙ Dry Matter
∙ Protein
∙ Sugar
∙ Starch
∙ Fiber


Al Karam Feed Mills offers a wide range of Animal Feeds aimed at calves, lactating animals and other
farm animals that ensures to optimize the animals’ health and production.

Right under the ideal dietary requirements of animals, the AL KARAM Feed Range is tailored to
the specific needs of animals. Formulated after in-depth research under strict feed safety laws, our
high-quality and nutrient-rich feed contains; minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins:-


Calf Starter

The high protein and highly digestible energy in Alkaram Calf Starter aid in rumen development, reduce weaning stress, and avoid diarrhoea. It has a significant impact on bone and muscle growth, resulting in a productive and healthy replacement in the herd.

Al karam buffalo feed

Captain HD

Dairy cows with high milk yields require a lot of energy during the first few months of lactation because milk production grows quickly after calving. Captain HD is specifically formulated with bypass fats and bypass proteins for high producing animals. Fat has roughly three times the amount of energy as cereal. Early lactation is when it has a surplus of fat, which greatly increases milk output and milk fat content.



High-quality, highly digestible, high-energy, and high-protein concentrate feed for growing and finishing beef animals is necessary to guarantee excellent levels of performance efficiency.

Al-Karam Wanda 24


Concentrate feed both in mash and pellet has high nutritious value and it is cost effective for famrmers.It is best in dry period, at the end of lactation, and in non-lactating animals.



For dry animals, dry pregnant animals, and heifers, Alkaram Feeds#26 is the most cost-effective and best maintenance feed. When used as beginning feed for calves, it has produced positive results and good body condition scoring.


Captain Plus

For lactating buffalo and cows, Captain Plus is our concentrate feed that is available in both mash and pellet form. It is made to increase milk, fat, and protein yield. The concentrate, which combines more than 12 components and bypass fats, meets the nutritional needs of lactating animals.



The feed for dairy cattle and buffalo on high-yield commercial dairy farms is Captain. The ideal ratio of Metabolizable Energy, PDIE and VitMin to meet the needs of commercial farms’ high-yielding dairy cattle and buffalo while maintaining compliance.



Concentrate feed that is both nutritious and cost-effective for animals in the dry period, at the end of lactation, and in a non-lactating herd.

Benefits of Al-Karam Livestock Feeds:-

✔ Increases milk production
✔ Increases meat production
✔ Better milk composition
✔ Improves immune system
✔ Prevents diseases in animals
✔ Improves animals’ growth
✔ Improves the appearance of animals
✔ Healthy rumen development of calves
✔ Reproduction of healthy offspring

Benefits of Al-Karam Livestock Feeds

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