About us

Al Karam Feeds Pvt. Ltd


Established in 2011 following a staunch vision to invigorate the country’s aquaculture, dairy & livestock Industry, Al Karam Feeds Pvt. Ltd is a Leading Animal Feed Manufacturing Company in Pakistan. Ensuring an out and out nutritional, quality, and regulatory compliance which encompasses ingredient sourcing, product manufacturing, and R&D, we aim for livestock and other farm animals to reach its optimal health and growth. Combined with feed technologists & high-quality standards, we are a Business with international exposure, and an extensive distribution network featuring a wide range of quality animal feed products.


Based on a sheer passion for people, productivity-centered, and profit-oriented aspects, our focus lies on nourishing the livestock following innovative approaches and best industry practices. We strive to achieve so with optimized feed ingredients, reliable, and economical feed solutions.


At Al Karam Feeds (Pvt) Ltd, our mission is to make animal farming sustainable and create value for all stakeholders. We provide the best Cattle Feed solutions in Pakistan and aim to transform the Livestock industry of Pakistan for creating a better & brighter future for the planet and people.


We, at Al Karam Feeds (Pvt) Ltd, rely on premium-quality ingredients, finest feed technologists, and innovative approaches to create top-notch Cattle Feed. With a keen dedication to growing and improving Pakistan’s livestock industry, we will continue to deliver effective feed solutions to our livestock farmers. Keeping the well-being of livestock, planet, and people as our touchstone, Al Karam Feeds (Pvt) Ltd promises to maintain the provision of a high standard and quality animal feed in Pakistan.


Muhammad Ishaq Saif


Our core values — environment, integrity, innovation, and community & customer-centered, operational practices define us and drive our dealings with customers, suppliers, our communities, and the planet.

Based on profit for farmers, and a passion for the planet, here is how Al Karam Feeds (Pvt) Ltd is bringing prosperity to Pakistan’s Livestock & Dairy Industry:


Sustainability is the standard we measure ourselves by. We continuously develop solutions to reduce the environmental impact. In recent times, sustainability has become a key global concern, we take action by effectively reducing our environmental impact through the scope of our operations and services.


We demonstrate integrity in all our interactions, behaviors, and practices within & our organization which earns us credibility and thus, lasting relationships with all our stakeholders.


We aim to integrate sustainability into total aspects of our business leading to the better of our people and planet.

Community & customer-centered

We are focused on providing a better and brighter future for the rapidly growing population and livestock communities.

Operational practices

We, at Al Karam Feeds (Pvt) Ltd, esteem ourselves in identifying and solving the needs of livestock farming at a local level. Keeping sustainability at the heart of what we do, we promise to keep conducting our business practices in open and honest conduct.